More Member States Pledge Support to the #AfricaEducatesHer Campaign


African Union CIEFFA convened Focal Points from 14 countries in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, under the theme; “From Continental to National levels: A coordinated implementation of the #AfricaEducatesHer Campaign”. The 2nd batch of the AU CIEFFA Focal Points unanimously pledged their unwavering support for the launch and implementation of the #AfricaEducatesHer Campaign in their respective countries.

The representative of the Ivorian Minister of Education and Literacy, Ms. Yvette Kouassy,Technical Advisor at the Ministry, opened the meeting by recalling that, “The task before us is arduous, but it is crucial. We must act with determination to ensure that every girl can receive a quality education. Together, we can make girls' and women's education a reality, for a more prosperous and inclusive future for our continent. I encourage you to work closely together, share your experiences, and find innovative solutions to promote girls and women's education…”.

The event was attended by over 19 Focal Points from 14 AU Member States and delegates from the Ministry of Education and Literacy and the Ministry of the Family, Women, and Children of Cote d'Ivoire.

Progress in girls' and women's education depends on several factors. Strengthened partnerships, advocacy based on accurate and disaggregated data, and targeted strategies. If we formulate and implement relevant strategies in a synergistic way, Africa will achieve its ambitious goal of gender equality and become prosperous”, Simone Yankey, Acting Coordinator of the African Union International Center for Girls and Women’s Education, articulated this strong message while welcoming the participants.

The Focal points engaged in robust discussions affecting girls and women’s education in Africa, and came up with concrete solutions for implementation of the #AfricaEducatesHer campaign.


As the representative of the Minister of the Family, Women, and Children, Ms.Arahamanta Yapo, Technical Advisor, closed the three-day convening, she renewed Côte d’Ivoire’s engagement to promote girls’ education, “Allow me to reassure you that my department is aware of the importance of girls in the development of our countries, which is why, in this year, 2023, the Côte d’Ivoire has validated the Reform of the Women's Training and Education Institutions (IFEF), which is the school of 2nd chance that helps girls to rebuild themselves mentally, intellectually, socially, economically and culturally. 


Participants returned from the meeting with; a clear understanding of the #AfricaEducatesHer campaign and its objectives, a consensus on common challenges and opportunities for addressing barriers to girls and women’s education, best practices from other Member States, and a deep desire to enhance the gathering and publication of data on girls’ education on the continent. The event equally provided a platform for countries to network, create alliances, and strengthen partnerships for better collaboration on the continent.

It should be noted that this meeting is a sequel to the first batch of the Focal Points meeting that took place in June 2023 in Kampala, Uganda and brought together twenty-five AU CIEFFA Focal Points from nineteen countries. This resulted in the launch of the #AfricaEducatesHer Campaign in Côte d’Ivoire and Uganda. Click here to learn more about the launch of the campaign.