Sterring Commitie

Article 7. Establishment of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is hereby established as an advisory body of the CIEFFA.

Article 8. The Composition of the Steering Committee

  1. The Steering Committee shall be composed of:
  • A representative of the Commission;
  • Five representatives from Member-States composed of one (1) representative from each AU region;
  • A representative of an international organization other than UNESCO;\
  • A representative of an African Civil Society Organization duly accredited to the AU working on issues of girls and women’s education nominated by the Chairperson of the Commission; and
  • A representative of UNESCO as a permanent member.
  • The Executive Director of CIEFFA shall serve as Secretary of the Steering Committee.
  1. The Steering Committee may invite a representative from the host country to attend its meetings as an observer and such representative shall have no right to vote.
  1. The Steering Committee shall elect from among its members, a President and a Vice-President to facilitate its meetings and activities.
  1. In the absence of the President, the Vice President or any member elected from among the members shall act as the President.
  1. For any session, a simple majority of the members shall be required to constitute a quorum.
  1. Decisions of the Steering Committee shall be made by consensus and failing which, by a simple majority vote of the members present.
  1. The Members of the Steering Committee shall hold office for a period of two (2) years.
  1. The Steering Committee shall meet once a year in ordinary session upon the invitation of the Executive Director of the CIEFFA and may, subject to availability of resources, meet in extraordinary sessions as required.


  • Commission Representative: Director of ESTI Department
  • 5 AU Member States :
    • President: Central African Republic (Central Africa)
    • Uganda (East Africa)
    • Senegal (West Africa)
    • Libya (North Africa)
    • Namibia (Southern Africa)
  • Save the Children
  • Host Country: Burkina Faso (Observer)