African Union CIEFFA Convened its Second Technical Meeting on Girls & Women’s Education with AUC Departments and AU Organs


From 19 – 20 July 2022 in Johannesburg, South Africa, the African Union International Center for Girls’ and Women’s Education in Africa (African Union CIEFFA) convened a two-day technical meeting on “Pushing Forward AU’s Agenda on Girls’ and Women’s Education”. The meeting was attended by AU Commission (AUC) Departments and AU Organs.

The AU/CIEFFA convened the meeting to present its work and build consensus with AU departments and organs through the development of a common roadmap ensuring gender equality and equity through education in line with its 3rd Strategic Plan 2021-25, the Continental Education Strategy for Africa (CESA 16-25) and AU Agenda 2063.

Dr. Rita Bissoonauth, Head of Mission of the AU/CIEFFA, in her welcome remarks, stressed that the expectation at the end of the meeting is to strengthen the understanding of how girls’ and women’s education crosscuts with various programs and also design a collaborative way of working with different Organs and Departments.

“If we synergistically formulate and implement relevant strategies then Africa will achieve its ambitious gender equality and women empowerment strategy for the prosperous and peaceful Africa we want by 2063!” she said.

The objectives of the technical meeting were to:

  • Develop a better understanding of AU/CIEFFA’s Strategic plan 2021-25, based on gender intelligence;
  • Identify common areas of focus with other Departments and Organs in line with the AU/CIEFFA’s work plan;
  • Develop a monitoring mechanism to follow up on the implementation of agreed actions to ensure that Girls’& Women’s education is mainstreamed in projects of AUC Departments and AU Organs.

For this, African Union CIEFFA presented two main documents as well as its 3rd Strategic Plan (2021-2025), comprising of four strategic Axis: (i) Gender-Responsive Education Framework, (ii) Curriculum Reform and Teacher Education; (iii) STEAM and Skills Development and (iv) Education in Emergencies and Humanitarian Contexts. A presentation of African Union CIEFA’s activities and projects implemented throughout its three (3) respective strategic Plans from 2015 today was made.

Participants shared their work related to mainstreaming girls’ and women’s education. Then, they gave their suggestions and recommendations on potential areas of collaboration for pushing the AU’s agenda on Girls' and Women’s education in the continent.

The platform enabled discussions for further collaboration with AUC departments and the AU organs on girls’ and women's education. It also emphasized the importance of information sharing, and collaboration for effective implementation of continental girls’ education frameworks and provided insights to participants on how to mainstream girls’ and women’s education in their own work plans.

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