Synthesis Report Case studies on inclusive approaches to learning in Africa: Girls and women’s Education


This is a synthesis report on girls and women’s education in five countries representing each one of the five regions of Africa as defined by the African Union. This report is timely. It comes at a time when the African leadership, both in discourse and practice, is resolute on ensuring the involvement of Africa’s female population, which represents over half of the continent’s total population, in shaping the continent’s collective future as envisioned in the AU’s 2063 Agenda. This contribution, of course, can only be meaningful and sustainable if, and only if, all the barriers currently standing in the way of girls and women’s full participation in education are removed.
This synthesis report is an attempt to provide a snapshot of the current situation of girls and women’s education in Africa based on the five in-­depth case studies contributed by Algeria (North Africa), Chad (Central Africa), Ivory Coast (West Africa), Tanzania (East Africa) and Zambia (Southern Africa) and additional research carried out to supplement the lack of data. In spite of the limitations inherent in extrapolating from a small sample of countries, the synthesis provides insights into issues that, by and large, are common across the continent even if contextual variables provide interesting outcomes in different countries and settings.

Download the pdf file, for more information using the following link with a click: case-studies-report