Discover Carine, Girls and Women’s Education Young Person of the Month of March 2023


Our Girls’ & Women’s Education Young Person of the Month is Carine Mambou from Cameroon ! Carine is the Founder of CAD AID Foundation. Her foundation works for the protection of women and young girls who have been victims of rape, and the protection of orphans and abandoned children.

An inspiring journey !

Carine Mambou is a Journalist, Author, African Union CIEFFA Alumni, and Ambassador for the #AFRICAEDUCATESHER campaign in Francophone Africa. In addition, she is Focal Point of the United Nations Migration Agency in Ireland, a Member of the Advisory Committee of the County Clare Women's Network, a Community Health Ambassador, an Alumni of Emerging leaders Common Purpose, a multi-award-winning entrepreneur. She has been noted for her determination in the fight against gender-based violence in general and child rape in particular, in Europe and Africa. Carine is a gender expert and Founder of MEMA Group (WIHIA News, CAD Agency, CAD AID Foundation, CAD Publishing), and co-founder of the agricultural company AGRIMAT SARL.

On her successes !

She is an advocate for gender equality and promotes girls education and women's empowerment with a focus on Africa. Her numerous platforms, initiatives, and her impact have earned her many accolades:

- In 2018, Carine was ranked as the second woman to have marked Cameroon by her activities in Femmes Update magazine.

- She won the best non-governmental organisation award with her NGO, CAD AID in Ireland.

- In 2019, she received the medal of recognition for her commitment to the community.

- From 2020 to 2022, she made the front page of several magazines, including Bisous Magazine twice (coverpage and editorial), the economic magazine, Valeurs Ajoutees, LMD magazine, Le Messager newspaper, and the daily, MUTATIONS in Cameroon.

- In 2020, she received the first CWENA Awards for the best entrepreneur with an international footprint ahead of 7 other businesswomen competing in South Africa.

- In 2022, she received the third CWENA Award for Best Female Entrepreneur with an International Footprint ahead of 20 other competing businesswomen in South Africa.


On her involvement with the African Union CIEFFA and her commitment to Girls’ and Women’s Education !

Carine Mambou is an African Union CIEFFA Alumna who took part in our first Youth Capacity Building Workshop in 2017 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where she represented her country, Cameroon. She has awed us with the plethora of things she is doing for girls and women’s education on the continent especially through CAD AID Foundation. She has demonstrated dedication and commitment to improving the situation of girls and women in Africa and beyond, including, and through education.

Carine Mambou was selected as the African Union CIEFFA Young Person of the Month of March 2023 in recognition of all her efforts in girls and women’s education on the continent. African Union CIEFFA offers all its support to amplify Carine’s efforts on the ground.


Connect with Carine : website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn.


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