This section provides guidelines to ensure the correct use of the African Union CIEFFA brand identity. Our brand is key to ensuring that our outreach presents the organization consistently throughout the world. 

A strong brand aids recognition of African Union CIEFFA by our audiences, conveys what we stand for and helps to build a reputation for excellence. By applying these guidelines to your communications, campaigns and materials you will strengthen the African Union CIEFFA brand image and enhance the visibility of the organisation. 



Significance of African Union CIEFFA Logo 

  1. The Palm Leaves stand for peace. 
  2. The Gold Circle symbolises Africa’s wealth and bright future. 
  3. The Green Circle stands for African hopes and aspirations. 
  4. The Gold Map of Africa without boundaries in inner circle signifies African unity. 
  5. The 7 interlocking Red rings signify African solidarity and the blood shed for Africa’s liberation.

Logo Def AU

Primary Colour Palette 

Our primary colour palette consists of AU Red & AU Gold. These colours should always dominate any layout to ensure our brand remains recognisable. They can be used in our visual language system throughout African Union CIEFFA communication. 

Secondary Colour Palette 

Secondary colour palettes should be used in a manner that compliments the primary colour palette There is always a need to highlight information in design. Therefore we have provided an extended colour palette. It can be used sparingly in print and digital navigation, graphs and tables. As part of the Education, Science, Technology and Innovation Department, the secondary colour palette includes Cyan. Always ensure the primary colour palette is more prominent. Subtle tints or premium tones of these colours can also be used.